Factors that enhance a regional rice brand to meet the national standard.

Take a look, as to why Ramajeyam , a Tamil Nadu based rice brand is speeding across the cities and towns in India…

Online shopping is presently the most flourishing trade in the entire country. Every product that is a part of our everyday use is now available online and gets delivered in a jiffy. But often, the question arises that what affects a heterogeneous group of audience to opt for online shopping?

According to experts, convenience and price are the two main drivers which lead this trend. Here in this blog, we will be talking about an industry which even a few years back had no online presence, but now the scenario has completely changed. We brings to you some of the best rice brand store online that delivers product throughout the nation. And fortunately, a huge percentage of target groups are dependent on this.


Now, when it comes to online rice store , the brand Ramajeyam gets to be the leading choice of people. The brand is born in the soil of Madurai and over the years offered them quality and variety on all products, and ranks.

Let us give a quick read as to why Ramajeyam wins over other brands  and will always be the first choice for the consumers?

1.Unlimited choices

Be it for regular use or any occasion RMJ has a diverse taste for a filling meal. Few of the latest range of rice products are Ramajeyam Sona Masoori Rajabhogam Ponni boiled rice, Ramajeyam classic idly rice, Madurai Tanjore Rajabhogam Ponni boiled rice etc. Customers always look for a variety of products even in rice, and RMJ fulfils every taste with goodness, quality and affordable cost.

2.100% quality assurance

Ramajeyam never compromises on the quality of any of its product. Keeping in mind, the taste of its consumers, the company ensures 100% quality grains. Ramajeyam stands at the top position for its authenticity and trust of thousands of families where every meal served is with Ramajeyam rice.

3.The 4-step process advantage

Ramajeyam’s four-step advantage is another vital point to consider when it comes to a comparison with several other brands. The procurement starts in a refined paddy field from enriched soil, especially during the Kariff period. Next is the process of soaking and boiling where vitamin B1 and B6 gets integrated from the kernel to the rice. And the last few steps consist of proper drying with milling and hands-free packing for all customers.

4.Delivery across the regions

There are hardly few best top 10 Indian rice brands online that deliver throughout India for the people who are settled at various regions and also the rest who haven’t yet tried the best rice grains from South. According to the company, 90% of regions across the country gets served.

5.Economical rice range

Everyday people do not use the premium products, and so the company offers quality and affordable choice of rice varieties that fit the budget and even makes a meal tasty and filling.

Ramajeyam is already one of the most used and a trusted brand among the people in, but it is still slowly expanding its reach in other regions. With good quality rice grains at an affordable budget, the company caters to a healthy and delicious meal for all.


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