Ramajeyam Rice


Our rice mill is endowed with modern technology from Japan, Korea, Sweden, and India. Our semi-automated production operation ensures hands-free hygienic packaging and constant quality throughout the year. We grind rice to the proper milling degrees, and each stage of the process is governed by a set of quality criteria and SOP.

List of machinery:

Pre-cleaning unit

It's the first step in the rice grain's journey from the paddy fields to the manufacturing plant. Fowler Westrup pre-cleaning technology from Denmark ensures that weeds, stones, sand, plastic threads, insects, and other contaminants brought with the paddy are removed during the pre-cleaning process.

Parboiling unit

Our parboiling unit is powered by our partner INDUSS, the pioneer in parboiling technology since 1974. After soaking, the paddy is steamed at a constant flow rate using a VFD and a rotating airlock. Steam pressure and temperature are at a constant capacity of 20 tons per hour.

Drying unit

LSU (American technology) and V Port drier from INDUSS Group aids in drying the boiled paddy to the required temperatures.

Milling unit

AGI Milltec Industries, a prominent manufacturer of rice mill machinery and equipment, assisted in the design of the milling unit. We have added a grader, sheller, thick grader, destoner, and whitener in the milling unit.

Polishing unit

We have installed machinery from Satake, the world's leading rice polish manufacturer. The surface of milled rice becomes smooth and clean, increasing the rice's value.

Sorting unit

Machines from DAEWON, GSI, Korea, are used in the sorting unit. We are thus able to remove black rice with 100 percent precision.

Packaging unit

We are the only firm in Tamilnadu with a separate rice packing machine to avoid dust and insect generation in rice. The capacity of the unit is 180 metric tonnes. with assured 100% hands-free hygienic packaging. Customers can choose from SKUs such as 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, and 25kg.

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