We, RAMAJEYAM Premium Rice are a renowned manufacturer and supplier of excellent grade non-basmati rice from India. We are one of the most popular South Indian rice companies on Amazon India and are committed to giving the best price with the finest quality to maintain a long-term relationship with our clients. We have a client base in India and five other countries: Malaysia, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong, and we are steadily developing our global market as well. 

We have been consciously devoted to quality assurance and food safety since the beginning of our business on a small scale, and this dedication has led us to take this next great step in expanding our markets to major countries throughout the world where our Indian community is present. Our cutting-edge technology, tough quality procedures, and standards, and certified personnel with our vision ingrained in their minds, ensure that we maintain our pledge to supply only consistent, food-safe rice all year.

Private Labelling

Our product is your brand! 

We have extensive experience in the rice business, from the farm to the full packing of ponni rice for export to any part of the world. We choose the finest rice and paddy that meet and satisfy your criteria for finish, texture, flavor, and taste, whether it’s ponni rice, sonamasoori rice, or idli rice. We cherish our brand and your brand equally at all times, and we consistently deliver as promised throughout the year.

RMJ moved into the private labelling market in 2019. Our production experience has allowed us to offer private labelling to one of the large enterprises in Tamil Nadu. We endeavor to provide our clients with the finest available solutions that meet their requirements. Clients are given the option of private labelling to extend their brand and profit margins.

If it’s rice, put your faith in RMJ, and let us work together to create your brand via our consistent high quality, fast service and our global expertise. You should put all of your efforts into marketing and building your business and brand in rice as well. We believe in teamwork and always find a way to win.

Why We are the No.1 Rice Manufacturer and Exporter from Tamil Nadu

Right distribution channel partners : For the past decade, we have successfully established “RAMAJEYAM” as the leading brand in Malaysia with our passionate distributor.

Quality Beyond Measure: Providing Consistent,Branded Excellence for Private Labeling Partners

Trust & Reliability: 100% Retention of Merchant Exporters for a decade, Offering Consistent Quality & Competitive Pricing same as ‘RAMAJEYAM’ Rice Brand

Market Insights at Your Fingertips: Stay Ahead with Updates on Indian Paddy Trends, Govt Policies, and
Domestic & International Market Dynamics.

Flexible Solutions: Fulfilling Customer Expectations in accordance with their geographical policies , Quality norms and Other standards

Zero Tolerance for Compromise: Achieving a Stellar 0% Complaint Rate in Quality and Service for a decade
in Direct and Merchant Exports.

Innovation Unleashed: solving customer pain points by providing new rice varieties aligned with market demand

Your Ideal Procurement Partner in India: Unlock Value in Non-Basmati Rice without Hidden Costs at
Competitive price.

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