Ramajeyam Rice


Our superior quality assurance mechanism guarantees that the input and output of rice grains are unrivalled. This is done by keeping vital factors in mind, such as consumer loyalty and preserving the natural consistency of rice which includes:

  • Traditional fragrance
  • Rich in flavor
  • A lengthy staple 
  • Reliable quality 
  • Does not instantly get soft or sticky
  • Stays whiter for a longer time
  • Stays fresh and dry for a longer time

We manage and monitor our overall process through ZOHO ONE.


Quality assurance system:

  • Paddy is obtained from 30+ years of experience and a thorough study during the Kharif and Samba periods of enriched soil, water, and weather conditions.
  • Each inner lot of the paddy is subject to stringent checks on 8 quality control parameters.
  • We guarantee the quality of rice by water, steam, humidity, temperature control, etc. at every phase of our process.
  • Each lot of rice is cooked before packaging, with rigorous checks on 12 quality control  parameters (For both open pan and pressure cooker).
  • Each and every pack from our factory has batch numbers and production dates printed to monitor all customer grievances.

Packaging system:

Our  packaging unit capacity is 180 metric tons. 100% Hands-free sanitary packaging is guaranteed. Moreover, our global clientele can choose from a variety of SKUs that we provide such as 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, and 25kg and so on.

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