Ramajeyam Rice
Founder Late Mr. R.M. Jeyaraman

Founder’s Message

About The Founder


The incredible journey of a talented merchant, our founder Late Mr. R.M. Jeyaraman started as a farmer from Usilampatti, a village around Madurai. He had a vision for producing and supplying high-quality and economical rice. Being  involved hands-on in every aspect of rice trading from 1969, he went on to start RMJ Modern rice mill in 1988. RMJ Modern rice mill was built on three key values of our founder

  1. Consistent quality
  2. Absolute commitment
  3. Complete integrity

Which we hold on with relentless passion..

CEO’s message:

Welcome to the Ramajeyam rice family! RMJ is the brand that’s been serving non-basmati premium rice varieties across domestic and export markets for the past 3 decades with prominent success. It is all made possible only through our delightful customers who have sustained us all along.

We derived three guiding principles from our founder Mr. R.M. Jeyaraman, that I and my team have been following from day one, which has played a vital role in attracting our customers and also helped us to sustain the bond with them. They are,

  1. Consistent quality – Achieved by continuous research and development, non-compromising quality in the raw purchase of paddy, and adopting the latest technology in the rice industry which have helped us to comply with our consistent quality mantra.
  2. Perfect service – Understanding the underlying expectations from a customer’s perspective and providing perfect service with 100% satisfaction.
  3. Competitive price – Providing high-quality rice at an economical price

I strongly believe in setting processes and SOP’s at every level within the organization. Continuously implementing the SSS formula – Simplify, Standardize and Scale-up helps us to achieve our vision.

Our tirelessly working, amply-talented team knows what, how, and why this is done since they are highly trained under the 3 core principles of Ramajeyam.

I am confident that our continuous process of understanding and fulfilling the customer needs, Observing and adopting the changes in the paddy supply, and implementing updated technology in rice production are helping us to ensure the balanced growth of employees and RMJ to achieve our vision.

We aim to be the most trusted brand for superior graded, value-added staple rice products among 30,000+ families across the world through e-commerce and serve  275 customers globally by December 2025.

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