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We are experts in manufacturing non-basmati premium rice varieties, such as ponni boiled rice, idli rice, seeraga samba rice, raw and steam sonamasoori rice for 3 decades. We have a strong network of over 75 paddy suppliers from all over India to provide high-quality rice with unmatched service to the customers from our export markets.

We believe in the  “Annam Brahma Swaroopam (Food is a gift from God, it should be treated with great respect)” and ensure it to be the guiding moral principle to adopt and absorb the state-of-the-art technology and management techniques to satisfy our global clientele.


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RAMAJEYAM Premium Rice (RMJ Modern Rice Mill) Rice is one of the leading manufacturers of the finest quality of rice in Tamil Nadu. Our uniqueness and forte are in our ability to provide to you the premium quality rice, from our very own mills. Our two major brands are THE LEGEND RAMAJEYAM & RAMARAJYAM

Currently, we process more than 75 tons of paddy to supply around 40 -45 tons of rice to consumers. With the latest technology, the use of clean water and air, we ensure that paddy is processed without changing its natural flavor and is transformed into quality rice. The various stages right from paddy procurement, milling, and packing are done with the highest quality control procedures that ensure only the premium quality rice reaches the customer.

We offer premium rice varieties like Nei Kichadi Ponni Rice, Fish Curry Rice, Lunch Box Rice, Sugar Control Rice, Jeera Rice, Tanjore Rice,  Kolam(Bullet) Rice, Seeraga Samba Rice, and Raw  Sona Masoori for all kind of daily meals. We also offer Idli Kar rice to prepare all South Indian Breakfast items.

We believe in 100% traceability for each and every product

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