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Rice and its health impacts

In India, usually rice is included in a day at least for a meal. Since it has chewiness and soft texture, it will be an additional compliment to many cuisines.
The demand for rice is growing mainly because of its positive health impact.And some are as follows:

1.The fiber present in the rice will lower your cholesterol which helps you to reduce heart disease.

2.It is gluten – free

3.It boosts the energy level.And it will be apt for sports people too.

4.Good source of carbohydrates, vitamin B and antioxidants.

5. It improves nervous health system

6.Easy to digest

7.It prevents cancer

8.Rice is used for skin care treatments

9.It prevents Alzheimer’s disease

10.It helps to regulate body temperature.

With the following details, we came to know that rice has a positive impact on health.

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