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Benefits of Non – Basmati Rice

Across globe, rice is a staple food for many countries like India, Malaysia, Japan, China, Indonesia and Thailand. It is reported that there are 10,000 varieties of rice and the maximum is from India.

Non – Basmati rice is in different shapes and sizes and is delicious as well as healthy. The grains of this rice require less time to cook. The main advantage of this Non – Basmati rice is that it can be stored for maximum of 24 months.

Benefits of Non – Basmati Rice:
1. It keeps your nervous system balance
2. It helps in maintain body weight
3. It eliminates digestive issues
4. It helps in preventing constipation

And there are a lot more benefits for Non – Basmati rice. That’s why we Ramajeyam offers many Non – Basmati rice varieties which has unique benefits that will help you to keep yourself fit, energetic and to lead a healthy life.

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