Company Background

img-1In the year 1988, Mr. R. M. Jeyaraman embarked on a journey to provide quality rice with a small scale rice mill of 6 tons capacity per day. His primary focus was to provide high quality rice and unmatched customer service, which continues to be the guiding mission of the company till date.

In 2006, Mr. J. Thangapandi, the youngest son of the founder, joined the business with a clear vision to take the company to a global level and to shoulder the responsibilities of the family business. Mr. Thangapandi firmly believes in the verse “Annam Brahma Swaroopam” and ensures it to be the guiding principle in running the company.

Company’s Assurance To Customers

With heavy investment in latest technology, use of clean water and air, we ensure that paddy is processed without changing its natural flavor and is transformed to quality rice. The various stages right from paddy procurement, milling and packing are done with highest quality control procedures that ensures only the best rice reaches the customer.


To be the best quality rice producer in India


To provide world class quality rice, excellent customer service, enhance the life style of employees and contribute to the welfare of the society and formers.

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